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New Game

From an article in the CNN travel section:

The stranded travelers were gone from Denver’s airport by Tuesday, but the stranded suitcases were not.


Megan McCarthy, a spokeswoman at United, said the airline allows passengers to go online and enter their baggage ticket number to find out where their luggage is.

Baggage handling at the Denver airport has been a mess since the new terminal area opened, but the fact that United has established an on-line version of Where’s Waldo for your luggage makes the scope of the mess clearer.

Update: If you flew on Continental, you might start checking dumpsters for your luggage.


1 Steve Bates { 12.27.06 at 12:35 am }

Trust me: Waldo is easier to find. My girlfriend back in grad school, a guitarist and singer of such skill that she used to jam with Sergio Mendes and the Brasil 66 crowd, stayed up all night phoning an airline, trying to retrieve her guitar that was lost in transit… all the while facing an audition the next morning. Yes, she received the guitar in time, but I believe it was sheer luck.

2 Bryan { 12.27.06 at 10:04 am }

I’m wondering what good it does you to find that your luggage is in LA if you are in New York? Given the number of suitcases that contained gifts this is really going to be a mess on multiple levels.