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Fighting Continues In Mumbai

The BBC is essentially live blogging from the scene in Mumbai.

Juan Cole provides some background to the incident.

My take is that this is a reaction to Pakistani President Zardari’s recent moves to improve relations with India and to gain control of Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence which has been backing mujahideen groups all over the region since the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Peace is the last thing that the Indian Mujahideen and other terrorist groups want in the region. If Pakistan and India normalize relations, resources will be freed up to track down these groups and their Hindu counterparts in the area.

As to the “targeting” of Westerners in this operation, that’s probably a calculated move to increase media coverage. Every country and their associated media pay more attention if their nationals are involved. It also makes corporations from Western countries nervous about doing business in India.  Publicity and fear are the foundation of terrorism.

November 27, 2008   4 Comments

Happy Turkey Day

funny pictures of cats with captions

Too true.

November 27, 2008   10 Comments