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Morning Update – Rachael’s In

Just after 3 4AM CDT:

45 Rachael Scdoris (58) 03/23 12 01:08:50AM AKDT 14 days 10 11 hrs 8 mins 50 secs.
[Someone forgot to change their clock. Now Rachael can look forward to the 3000 mile road trip to take her dogs back to Bend, Oregon.]
46 Tim Osmar (57)
47 Wade Marrs (48)R

White Mountain: [Noon CDT the group is headed for Nome; at 9PM CDT they had finished]

48 Trent Herbst (20)
49 Michael Suprenant (11)R
50 Eric Rogers (60)

Out of Elim: [Both out of White Mountain at 8PM CDT]

51 Heather Siirtola (63)
52 Timothy Hunt (64)R [Red Lantern]

Heather Siirtola must have really been wiped out; she spent 28 hours at Elim before leaving just behind Timothy Hunt just after midnight AKDT.

Scratched at Shaktoolik: Alan Peck (32)R was looking at about two days on the trail alone. Finishing would have been nice, but the winds really beat up on him and his team.