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A Bill To Nowhere

Apparently Ben Nelson has only agreed to vote yes on cloture on the Senate bill, and said that if the bill coming out of the House-Senate conference committee changes any of his demands, he will effectively filibuster the vote on the final bill.

What is the point? Does anyone think the House will just rollover and accept the Senate bill?

Given what it has taken to get this garbage through Congress, why should anyone believe the claim that problems will be fixed, and the bill improved later? This is what Congress is willing to do, so where do you find a Congress that will fix it after the Democrats lose seats based on what they have passed?

Andante, Lurch, Melanie Mattson, and Jim Capozzola died because of the current system. My test for an adequate bill is simple – would it have saved any of them if it had been passed earlier? The answer I come up with for the current bill, which doesn’t even really start for four years, is no.