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Real Life Is Not Fun

So, today was Good Friday and the beginning of Passover. As a result a lot of people weren’t around when I tried to deal with a few issues. It’s amazing how observant some people get when there’s a Friday involved.

Peeps were revolting enough when they were just yellow, but the ‘teal’ and ‘plum’ versions are really gross. I finally saw actual packages of the ‘bunny’ version that I had previously only seen on the ‘Net in videos purported to be ‘humorous’ … OK, whatever. People don’t seem to realized that if they buy them, they will continue to be made. I wonder if anyone actually eats them?

The oak pollen is not letting up. The rain scrubs the air for a few hours, but the yellow dust is back soon after covering everything in sight. This started much earlier than normal this year and is continuing well beyond what we normally experience. I surrendered and switched from pseudoephedrine to loratadine [generic Claritin] so I don’t have to watch the time. I’m also considering attaching a toilet paper holder to the side of the computer desk to make things easier than trying to retrieve a tissue from the box. It might not be classy, but it would be cheaper and more efficient.

The problem is that this is the best time to work on outside projects before the heat index starts hitting triple digits, so I can’t just stay inside with the HEPA air cleaner. I have things that need to be planted, and some building repairs to make.

Well, it’s always something …


1 Steve Bates { 04.06.12 at 11:57 pm }

Kitties love TP rolls. Esther can shred a whole roll off the spindle onto the floor in mere minutes. Your kitties will love you if you place a roller within their reach!

2 jams o donnell { 04.07.12 at 1:01 pm }

Shame you can’t stay inside with the HEPA filter. I hope the meds help

3 Bryan { 04.07.12 at 11:51 pm }

You have to have it feed from the back, instead of the front. They will spin it, but it doesn’t unroll, Steve.

The meds seem to be working in general, Jams, but I’m not sure how long I can put up with them. It’s nothing specific, but I don’t feel right.

4 Steve Bates { 04.09.12 at 12:42 pm }

Esther is too clever for that, Bryan. When the roll we were using was threaded from the back, Esther learned where Stella hid the package of spare rolls, helped herself and shredded one of those instead. These days, we keep all spare rolls, Stella’s included, in my bathroom, to which the door is always closed except when I’m entering or exiting.

@#$%^& clever cats! (Actually, Esther and Lily have a Clever Cat™ litter box, top-entry, semi-enclosed, and it really does minimize the mess for an indoor cat.)

5 Bryan { 04.09.12 at 8:39 pm }

The problem is a box like that is that the not-so-clever Sox would just dump on the top without trying to figure it out.

Oh, yes, spares of anything on a roll have to be locked away in cat-proof storage or they will be all over the house. I’ll donate an occasional empty roll for their amusement, but they will gang up on any spares found out in the open.