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A Few Clues From Florida

I assume that most people have been checking the Florida results for the Presidential election which stood at a 50.00% – 49.12% win for Zero, but they should also look at the fate of the 11 constitutional amendments that the Republican legislature put on the ballot to see what ‘swing state voters’, like Florida’s think of the Republican agenda.

1. Anti-Obamacare failed 48.5-51.5%
2. Tax break for disabled vets passed 63.26-36.24%
3. State revenue limits change failed 42.44-57.56%
4. Tax break for vacation homes failed 43.18-56.82%
5. Legislative control of state courts failed 36.95-63.05%
6. No public funding for abortions failed 44.91-55.09%
8. School vouchers/funding for religions failed 44.53-55.47%
9. Tax break for spouses of KIA vets and first-responders passed 61.68-38.32%
10. Business tax break failed 45.49-54.51%
11. Tax break for low-income seniors passed 61.26-38.74%
12. Change in the Student Rep in the university system failed 41.55-58.45%

There was no amendment 7, and looking at the percentages it is obvious that people who voted for Rmoney voted against the GOP agenda. The three tax breaks that passed looked decidedly liberal to me. Amendments 4, 8, and 10 are ‘business friendly’ or privatization moves and the voters don’t like them.

If Democrats would start running people who oppose the GOP’s agenda, people like Alan Grayson, they will win elections. If the Democrats stop looking for and supporting Blue Dogs they will regain Congress. Voting for Republican ideas is not the way to bring voters to the polls or get elected.