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Who’s Who In Canadian Politics

Party Leaders for the election:

Liberal party of Canada Liberals :
Justin Trudeau, who will be the new Prime Minister.

Conservative party of Canada Conservatives :
Stephen Harper, who will still be in Parliament, but has resigned as the leader of his party.

New Democratic party of Canada New Democratic Party :
Thomas Mulcair, who is still in Parliament and remains leader of his party.

Bloc Québécois party of Canada Bloc Québécois :
Gilles Duceppe, who lost his seat in Parliament and probably his job as party leader.

Green party of Canada Greens :
Elizabeth May has retained her seat in Parliament and leadership for the time being.

The feeling seems to be that voters were tired of austerity, felt the economy was stagnant, and didn’t like the government’s foreign policy. They wanted a change from Harper’s ‘doom and gloom’.