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I’ve been generally trapped inside the past couple of days watching 4.63 inches of rain get dumped on me. I couldn’t do things that I wanted, and was unsure if we would make it through the storm without some moron speeding on the main roadway and skidding on the water that always collects on that street. Most of the skids seem to target one utility pole that is part of the circuit supplying power to my house. Fortunately the water was deep enough that speeders were flooding out their engines before skidding.

Since I was inside I got to see the ‘roid rage’ of the ‘school resource officer’ in South Carolina who threw a 16-year-old around when she didn’t “respect his authority” in the classroom.

I’m serious about suspecting anabolic steroid use by the officer based on the video. This is a problem that isn’t being addressed by police departments. If you can’t control yourself, you will never be able to control others.

We were taught ‘come-along holds’ in the police academy. These were techniques that convinced people who were not in a chemically altered state that coming along and cooperating was the best course. Refusing would cause you pain. Some of the techniques were modified versions of wrestling holds.

October 27, 2015   4 Comments