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Putin’s latest ploy is to claim the Turks were protecting oil contracts with ISIS when they shot down the Su-24. Erdogan of Turkey said he would resign if Putin could provide evidence of a any deal between ISIS and Turkey. If Putin couldn’t provide it, Erdogan said he should resign.

The Russians have been criticized since beginning their air campaign for almost never attacking ISIS, and the aircraft that was shot down was bombing Turkmen villages. The Turks and Turkmen are both Turkic peoples, ethnic cousins. That sort of makes it somewhat illogical for Turkey to derive any benefit even if Turkey did have an agreement with ISIS.

The Turks get very annoyed when people violate their airspace, even NATO allies. This was at least the second time that Russia had entered Turkish airspace without permission and was during a mission attacking Turkmen villages in northern Syria.

Another politician attempting to deflect blame, was the Likud Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, asking his Superintendent of Police to resign and pretending that this was going to ‘fix’ the Chicago Police Department’s more that a century of misconduct.


1 shirt { 12.02.15 at 12:21 am }

When someone aids and abets a criminal doesn’t that make them a participant of the crime?

Why isn’t Rahmbo on jail. The DA must have known, Makes her a participant as well.

The 86 minute BK tape erasure makes Nixon’s secretary look like an angel.

It really stinks and it needs to be cleaned up. Has to be!

2 Badtux { 12.02.15 at 11:01 am }

Shirt, the Chicago machine has been in charge of the place for more years than I’ve been alive, and for all those years, the Chicago PD has been their corrupt tool for maintaining power. Presidents have come, Presidents have gone, but the Machine keeps on keeping on. Yeah, it needs to be cleaned up. But good luck with that.

3 Badtux { 12.02.15 at 11:04 am }

As for the notion of Turkey protecting ISIS, yes Erdogan is an Islamist, but he isn’t utterly insane. The situation in Syria has Turkey groaning under the weight of 1.8 million Syrian refugees. Doing anything that prolongs that situation isn’t something he wants, because his party would be driven from power in a heartbeat if it became clear that he had some hand in causing this situation. It’s that messy “democracy” thing again…

4 Badtux { 12.02.15 at 11:18 pm }

Doing some more reading, Erdogan and his clan are corrupt enough and Islamist enough that yes, his relatives could have had dealings with ISIS to get some of that sweet, sweet crude. Problem is that Erdogan isn’t in charge of the armed forces. He’s President now, a ceremonial office in a parliamentary democracy like Turkey. Putin is definitely stretching to claim that the shootdown was to protect Erdogan’s relatives. But then, Putin is primping for his domestic audience, so reality doesn’t matter anyhow.

5 Bryan { 12.02.15 at 11:50 pm }

Shirt, the Chicago Police were corrupt in 1886 when they attacked labor protestors in Haymarket Square, in 1968 when they attacked people attending the Democratic National Convention, and all time before, between, and since. It is operated as part of a political spoils system, and is definitely ‘inbred’.

The DA doesn’t have access until the police notify her, and the mayor would not have been notified by his Superintendent of Police for ‘plausible deniability’. Given the timing the Chicago PD wanted the whole thing to go away, which would have happened if people didn’t push for the release of the dashcam video. They managed to stall everything until after Emanuel’s reelection, which was a win for the Chicago machine.

If the Turks were going to cut a deal of any kind with ISIS, they wouldn’t have allowed Kurdish forces to cross Turkish territory to stop ISIS. The Turks have been battling Kurdish separatists in eastern Turkey, and even entered Iraq to attack their camps. Despite that, the Turks allowed Iraqi Kurdish peshmerga militia to attack ISIS positions and push them back into Syria. They are also allowing the US to use Incirlik AB to attack ISIS and blow up the ISIS oil trucks. Yeah, the case for Turkish-ISIS agreements is pretty weak.