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Enough’s Enough

Now Trump is borrowing bad ideas from Stalin according to Charlie Pierce. I understand why some would refer to these ‘minders’ as ‘komissars’ but they are technically PolitRuks, a contraction of ‘political leader’ [политрук, from политический руководитель] Both Khrushchev and Breshnev used their positions as PolitRuks for successful commanders to advance in the Party. So now we have a bunch of newbies trying to run Cabinets departments with White House spies sitting at their elbows and none of the senior appointed positions filled.

Great, we have almost no ambassadors around the world, or US Attorneys but we have political minders in all departments to ensure loyalty to the Trump party line. This is a level of paranoia found among petty dictators.

March 20, 2017   4 Comments

Vernal Equinox

It’s that time of year. Spring arrived at 5:29 CDT this morning, so this is the first full day. You can watch it come at Archæoastronomy.

The air is already filled with pollen and the live oaks are dropping last year’s leaves. The azaleas have already peaked and the pear trees aren’t yet snowy with blooms.

I would note that locally we have had 12 hours or more of daylight since St. Patrick’s Day, and usually do.

March 20, 2017   8 Comments