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Moore Is Less

The revelations of Roy Moore’s Ephebophilia in the Washington Post is not considered confirmed by many, and Alabama Republicans will probably vote for him regardless, unless they have 14-19 year-old daughters.

This matter rests on the credibility of the multiple women who talked to the reporters who wrote the story. As no one has provided any proof that all of these women have been removed from public office twice for misconduct and Roy Moore has twice been found in violation of his oath of office, I tend to believe the women. Roy Moore’s claim of Christianity is belied by his twice putting his hand on a Bible and swearing an oath that he subsequently ignored. His acts are not in line with his claimed beliefs nor do they give me confidence in his ability to tell the truth.

Four women who don’t know each other all describe the same conduct by Moore and their statements are backed up by the testimony of more than two dozen others concerning parts of their stories. I would have pushed to have Moore indicted as a “pervert” because as a deputy district attorney he knew damn well what he was doing was illegal.

November 10, 2017   2 Comments