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A Puzzlement

Crooks & Liars noted that on the January 5, 2017 Fox & Friends show David Bossie said: “This president is unbelievably qualified.”

I was about to drop a Vizzini Award, but then I stopped. What do you think – is the fact that a majority of Americans don’t believe that Trump is qualified to be President the same as his being “unbelievably qualified?”

On a related note, Trump tweets he’s ‘a very stable genius’.

Some hard & fast rules: If you have to say “I’m not a racist”, you’re a racist. If you have to say you’re “stable”, you’re a flake. If you say you’re a “genius”, you probably have trouble with Dick, Jane, and Spot.


1 Shirt { 01.08.18 at 9:08 am }

“This president is unbelievably qualified.” A very true statement. It is unbelievable.

2 Bryan { 01.08.18 at 11:42 am }

There is a very fine line between awesome and awful.

3 Kryten42 { 01.08.18 at 8:13 pm }

What you & Shirt sad! And amazingly, that applies to out PM Turdbull!

Australia has so much in common with the USA right now! Unfortunately, none of it is any good!

Did you know we just dropped another AU$20 bln on the F-35?

Senior RAAF Officers are finally calling it a big load of crap! One was quoted saying “They’re barely adequate for Air Shows”. And “The F-35 stealth capabilities are vastly overrated! It has recently been discovered that WW2 vintage Radar systems can detect them.”

A review paper was leaked with these recommendations: Take the FB-111’s out of storage & modernize them, including ground support, ECM & long range tracking. Modernize the FA-18 fleet. Buy Su-35S, Su-30MKI, French Rafale or Eurofighter Typhoon WVR (dog-fighting) capable aircraft. The F-35 is not a capable WVF aircraft by any means. F-22 Raptors are a capable WVF and a very capable BVR combat aircraft however, and far superior to the F-35.

During the 2012 Red Flag-Alaska, the Typhoon not only held their own, but achieved several kills on the Raptors WVR. They also stated that the Su-30 MKI & SU-35 were superior to the Typhoon, F-22 & F-16’s WVR.

Excerpt from PDF:

“During the 10-day Indradhanush exercise held in July in Lincolnshire, UK, Indian Air Force pilots flying the Su-30MKI humiliated the top RAF aces, blanking their latest Eurofighter Typhoon jets 12-0.

The IAF Su-30MKI were reportedly able to defeat the Typhoons not only in one-on-one combat, but also in situations where one IAF pilot was pitted against two Typhoons. Besides defeating the RAF during within visual range (WVR) dogfights, the Su-30MKI also held an edge over the Typhoon in beyond visual range (BVR) combat, though they were not as dominant as in WVR.”

the problem with the F-22 is it has no IRST (Infra-Red Search and Track) capability & no capability to use JHMCS (Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System) as used by F-16, F-15 & F-18’s. This limit’s it’s WVR capabilities, especially against aircraft that have them, such as the SU35S, Rafael & Eurofighter. During the exercise, a Eurofighter pilot said that the F-22 was “large and hot” and easily tracked by IRST within 60 KM.

Australia… making stupid decisions based on pure greed forever! Pffft…

4 Kryten42 { 01.08.18 at 8:39 pm }

Found this comparison of capabilities. Very interesting! I especially liked the experienced fighter jock’s commentary @ the end! 😆

The top ten dog-fighters of 2015 (WVR fighter assessment) UPDATED

And this:
Which fighter plane has the best dogfighting capabilities?

5 Badtux { 01.09.18 at 12:52 am }

But dogfighting isn’t done in today’s world, now it’s all long-range AMRAAM stuff directed by an AWACS 500 miles away, right? [/snark]