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Why Big Important Buttons …

Shouldn’t be left on the top of desks. Consider the possibility of someone butt-dialing World War III …

For media people: I know you don’t want to say “Shithole” aloud, but consider what “s-hole” sounds like. It sounds like “asshole” to people who don’t know what you are avoiding saying. A good replacement would be “a vulgar form of outhouse or anus” depending on your definition of “shithole”.

As for his “dream” that Scandinavians would leave their universal health care, well financed school systems, public transportation networks, and cradle-to-grave social services for the American crapshoot, it is delusional and available only in his “alternate universe”.


1 Kryten42 { 01.14.18 at 2:55 am }

Speaking of buttons… The hilarity continues! 😆

Missile threat alert for Hawaii a false alarm; officials blame employee who pushed ‘wrong button’

How can you tell Dotard doesn’t have a big enough family, nor many friends? Easy:
Trump has failed to nominate anyone for nearly half the seats in his government

This is an excellent Op-ed & one Dotard, the GOP, & their voters will completely fail to understand.
Tom Brokaw: You Can Find the Entire World Inside Your Hospital

2 Bryan { 01.14.18 at 11:53 am }

Actually, the Hawaii false alarm is what my link on the button covers. A friend’s son is a Marine officer who was at the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor when the alert happened. His unit is on the way home from a months long deployment.

He can’t fill the slots for ambassadors to English speaking countries!? He just had the ambassador to Panama resign. The job was held by a career diplomat who didn’t want to be associated with this government. He’s losing more people than he’s hiring.

Trump has no idea how he is screwing over fruit & vegetable farmers with his immigration bullshit. we aren’t going to have the people to pick the crops. We have a steady supply of graduates in technical fields that US/multinational corporations won’t hire because they want a living wage. We have low unemployment and that should push wages up, but corporations will fight that.

Africa Command is screwed. They can forget any local help after the maroon-in-chief called them all “shitholes”. No, Donald, “shitholes” are the rental properties your father managed in order to build up the fortune you’re wasting through incompetence.