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Twitter & The Twits

Twitter has been removing fake accounts making Trump and “conservatives” unhappy about lost followers. They removed millions of obviously fake accounts in 2018, and followed up in 2019 removing fake accounts tied to Russia, Iran, and Venezuela.

Twitter would like to remove white supremacist accounts, but the algorithms keep targeting Republican and/or “conservative” politicians, for some reason. 😈

April 28, 2019   4 Comments

Hell No, Joe!

Joe Biden announced his candidacy for the nomination for President.

Two things, among many, disqualify him for me: Anita Hill and Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005. I don’t forget and I won’t forgive.

For all those people who keep saying people aren’t ready for a woman to be President – with all her baggage Hillary Clinton received 3 million more votes than Trump. In spite of all of the “sins” of the media, James Comey, the attacks of the GOP, and the assistance of Russia to Trump, she decisively won the popular vote. After a few years of Trump they are more than ready.

In ancient times (1960s) the mantra was don’t trust anyone over 30. At my age (> three score and 10) my contemporaries are one accident away from dementia. Joe & Bernie need to retire.

April 28, 2019   19 Comments