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More Irritations

The BBC reports that US-Russia surveillance flights treaty under threat. Yet another agreement that Trump wants to withdraw the US from – the Open Skies Treaty. This allows unarmed surveillance aircraft to overfly the territory of potential enemies to avoid sneak attacks. He doesn’t understand why we want to do this, so he wants to withdraw.

Former Mattis aide describes what it’s like trying to brief Trump: Guy Snodgrass, the man who was communications director under Secretary of Defense James Mattis wrote “It seems that military members are all honorable when we close our mouths and hold our tongues, but when we give ourselves a voice, when we dare speak truth to power, well, then our honor is questioned”

Or as Stephen Colbert puts it: GOP is ‘Fracking America’s moral bedrock’ in Vindman attacks.

The problem with briefing Trump is that Pixar can’t get enough animators cleared to create the briefings. 😈