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Yes, it’s Friday the 13th again. The 13th falls on a Friday more than any other day of the week, so get over it. It’s only valid in in English and Portuguese speaking countries, so go visit a Spanish-speaking neighborhood for the day.

If you want to blame someone, it’s the calendar of Pope Gregory XIII that created this imbalance. [He obviously didn’t have a problem with the number on any day.]


1 hipparchia { 12.16.19 at 6:56 pm }

i think i’ll go give my black cats some extra goodies for supper tonight, in honor of the general unluckiness 😈

2 Bryan { 12.16.19 at 9:41 pm }

I have always liked black cats, but they are rare in my area. Lots of tuxedos but solid grey/blue cats are the norm among the single color cats. As for treats, mine have gone off the “single serving” and now love Fancy Feast gravy select poultry [thanks to a gift from a friend who had to change her cats’ diet]

3 hipparchia { 12.17.19 at 6:55 pm }

[the internet appears to have eated my first comment]

black cats vs gray cats is kind of a toss-up in my neighborhood — hard to say which one is ahead most of the time.

not many tuxedos here at all. the black&white cats here seem to generally have about 50/50 white/black.

we had a run of gray tabbies for a while, but I think I’m seeing fewer of them these days. I would have thought they’d be fairly common, given that “gray tabby” is kind of a generic wild cat color (bobcats, for instance). then again, maybe solid gray is a good generic color in an urban setting where the main vegetation is 200 year old oak trees — how many gray tabby squirrels do you have in your neighborhood?

4 Bryan { 12.17.19 at 10:17 pm }

Lots of grey squirrels, but no tabbies. We have a feral population with major group of Asian cat breeds [Siamese, Korats, etc.] because of the constant flow of people between Asia and Eglin as well as local resettlement of boat people.

5 hipparchia { 12.19.19 at 8:59 pm }

I’ve read somewhere that the Siamese color pattern is really just a mutation of black, which, if true, would explain why some of my black cats have very Siamese-cat voices — and very-frequently-voiced opinions.

6 Bryan { 12.19.19 at 10:09 pm }

My obviously Siamese influenced Excise inherited his voice from the tabby side of the family. Things are not an options package like a car, most cats are a la carte 🙂

7 hipparchia { 12.23.19 at 8:45 pm }

i have to admit that with all the black cats I got at one time, I do sorta feel like I was presented with all the various options packages — short tail with short coat and loud voice, short tail with long coat and medium voice, long tail with long coat and tiny voice, long tail with short coat and loud voice….

speaking of Excise, I thought of him while I was watching portions of that 9-hour cat-on-Roomba video. my cats might ride a Roomba for that long, but not with a Christmas tree within looting distance! they would have to totally destroy the tree first before taking a long soothing ride.

(also, thank you for the far side!)

8 Bryan { 12.23.19 at 10:12 pm }

I have some styrofoam balls on strings that I put up over at their house for the cats to attack. I tried a small tree briefly, but they took out the tree before I had put anything on it.

Property would duel to its death if I introduced a Roomba. It was hard enough using a regular vacuum even with me trying to protect it. Excise with would head for “cat space” as soon as the suction started.

Gary Larson should be sainted for this act of charity 😈

9 hipparchia { 12.24.19 at 8:38 pm }

Property would duel to its death if I introduced a Roomba.

since I am not a fan of vacuuming, not even if a robot does all the work, my hat is off to her.

I did once (or twice or thrice or maybe even a couple times more than that) think that with a house full of cats some of those automatic litter boxes would be great! my cats attacked and killed every single one of them. I considered hiring them out as product testers but figured filling up the landfills with all the discards would be just another environmental disaster that the world doesn’t need.

10 Bryan { 12.24.19 at 10:23 pm }

They barely tolerate the the powered water dispenser. The original water dispenser that gurgled just flooded the kitchen when the water bottle was attacked and detached after gurgling. I looked at one of those litter boxes and after watching the video decided it sounded too much like my printer, which they also hate.

Cats are extreme conservatives when it comes to their environment.