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COVID-19 Hits

Another Darwin Award winner:Arizona man dies, wife ill after taking drug touted as virus treatment: “Trump kept saying it was basically pretty much a cure”. Chloroquine, like many medicines, works by killing. If you take too much it can kill you. Trump is no more a doctor than he is a president – he just plays one on TV.

The dog who tested positive for the coronavirus has died at home two months after being released. He was 17 years old, which was the cause of his death.

Despite Trump’s claims coronavirus testing is not readily available:

Attorney Daniel Goldman, who was counsel to House Democrats during the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump, said Monday that it was “very difficult” and “very frustrating” to try to get tested for the coronavirus.

When life gives you lemons some people make lemon meringue pie (to be eaten or thrown):

Two violinists dressed in lifejackets have put on a widely shared performance in a US supermarket, amid panic-buying over the coronavirus.

Bonnie Von Duyke and Emer Kinsella performed the 19th Century hymn Nearer My God to Thee, known to many for its use in the film Titanic, in a toilet paper aisle. Video of the performance was posted online.

Digby has a recycled joke for the current disaster.

CNN reports that Waffle House closes 365 locations amid coronavirus pandemic. If you follow hurricanes and other natural disasters you would be aware of FEMA’s Waffle House Index. This is level red:

“If you get there and the Waffle House is closed? That’s really bad…” — Craig Fugate, Former Head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

March 25, 2020   2 Comments