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It Does Not Compute

I have been watching the games being played with the data on the COVID-19 pandemic for weeks all of which are dodgy. The Florida health department decided early on that the only cases that would be reported would be those involving Florida residents. If you were visiting from outside Florida and got sick or died of COVID-19, Florida didn’t want it reported. To control that they ordered county medical examiners to stop publishing local death statistics, something that was common practice, because the MEs reported all deaths, including tourists. Journalists noticed the difference in the number of people in the reports and started asking questions.

Then the health department noticed that their web site was making “too much information” available to the media and researchers. The solution: fire Rebekah Jones, the data manager for the site because she objected to manually deleting data from the site.

The BBC has a long article on the handling of pandemic in the US – Coronavirus: From ‘We’ve shut it down’ to 100,000 US dead

On a lighter note you should check out Sarah Cooper on Twitter. She is a comedienne whose lip syncs of Trump are really worth your time. She does pantomime with a Trump sound track. To understand you have to see her in action. How to Medical is my personal favorite.

May 28, 2020   2 Comments