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Hiding The Truth

This CBS story, Olmert: Israel Won’t Wait Forever, is just an attempt to shift responsibility:

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told a joint meeting of Congress on Wednesday that Israel would be a “willing partner in peace” with the Palestinians, but would draw its own borders in the West Bank should it conclude it has no negotiating partner.

“We cannot wait for the Palestinians forever,” Olmert told members of the House of Representatives and Senate gathered in the House chamber.

“Our deepest wish is to build a better future for our region, hand in hand with a Palestinian partner, but if not, we will move forward, but not alone,” he said, alluding to promised U.S. support.

When you refuse to talk to the other side, you are the problem. There are existing UN Security Council resolutions that clearly delineate the borders, so Israel has the burden to get the Palestinians to agree to any changes. Blaming the Palestinians for who they elect isn’t going to cut it.