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Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid [D-Reality] admits the obvious: Iraq devolves into ‘civil war’.

I guess the Shi’ia will be the Black and the Sunni the Green based on traditional battle flags. The Kurds will probably have the Turks to deal with and will try to stay out of the problems occurring in the southern two-thirds of the country.


1 glenda { 07.21.06 at 8:08 am }

perhaps partitiioning the country into thirds and divvying the oil rights might not be a bad idea to curtail the ongoing bloodbath.

2 Bryan { 07.21.06 at 8:33 am }

That is what will happen eventually, but humans will demand that many die before reality is allowed to intrude. All of this could have been avoided by someone actually visiting the area after World War I before the boundaries were drawn on maps.