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The Power of Political Blogging

The problem for the powers that be when looking at the political bloggers is that bloggers still have ideals. It has been so long since the pundit class sold their souls that they have forgotten what it was like to care.

Liberal bloggers aren’t truly angry, they are indignant. They know how things are supposed to be done, and are outraged when people, including the pundits, ignore the rules. It’s not that the Republicans break the rules, laws, and norms of a civil society; it’s that they do it with impunity.

It is especially galling when the media creates “new history” and claims that the atrocity of the moment is the way “things have always been done.” When it gets so blatant that they are forced to acknowledge a problem, they act like it just popped up, and hasn’t been part of a deliberate campaign that has been ongoing for decades.

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August 5, 2006   4 Comments