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Her First Endorsement

Mike Thomas of The Orlando Sentinel endorses some candidates. You don’t have to be a Floridian to appreciate his logic, especially his reason for endorsing Cruella de Harris in the Republican Senate primary.

August 31, 2006   4 Comments

Over the Shark and Around the Bend

These people are mad – stark, raving, bonkers!

CNN records the pathology in Sen. Burns: Terrorists drive taxis by day, kill at night and Bush: U.S. in fight against single, worldwide terrorist network.

Yeah, okay. It must be Yellow Cab. because they seem to be everywhere. Instead of tapping telephones we’ll monitor the taxi radios, and instead of airports, we’ll watch cab stands.

I know, let’s reduce the lead in the DC water system and start adding Thorazine®. The world would sleep better at night.

August 31, 2006   4 Comments

Holding People Accountable

Via Billmon I found this piece, Nasrallah for Prime Minister – of Israel, by Bradley Burston in Ha’aretz, a major Israeli newspaper.

If Nasrallah isn’t interested in the Israeli job, maybe we could get him to rebuild Iraq or the Gulf Coast. He seems to know what he’s doing, which is more than anyone in the current administration can claim.

You should read the Burston piece to be reminded what it was like when we had real newspapers.

August 31, 2006   Comments Off on Holding People Accountable

Mission Accomplished

If the point of Rummy’s foray into Harry Turtledove‘s most familiar genre was to annoy people, he definitely succeeded.

Watertiger was the earliest mention I saw, but Steve Bates was only a quarter of hour after her in posting and the swarm has been building ever since. Poputonian notes that The Other Media Ain’t Buyin’ It Either.

Keith Olbermann’s piece, Feeling morally, intellectually confused?, is highlighted, but you would be better off seeing the video at Crooks and Liars, as MSNBC requires using the 6-megaton version of IEb [Incompetently Executed browser].

This is what happens when you try to run government like a business: management believes that everything can be solved by marketing. Maybe the focus groups loved it, but the “clients” aren’t buying it.

August 31, 2006   2 Comments