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This Is Just Wrong

Elayne should be ashamed of herself for providing the link to Pharyngula where PZ Myers provides a link to a Christian Pirate Puppet Rap video.  You are going to have to go to Elayne’s to get the link, I’m not going to be in the back trace on this one.

If you do it, remove liquids from the area surrounding your computer.

September 19, 2006   9 Comments

In Other News

The BBC is stating the obvious in: ‘Coup’ sparks Thailand emergency. I would certainly think that having the military take over the government would tend to be an “emergency”, especially when they use tanks and such.

Riots in Hungary after the Prime Minister admits politicians lie to win elections. [You can tell this country is new to democracy when they are shocked to find out politicians lie.]

Amazingly enough, there were no Muslims involved in either of these problems and no tapes from al Qaeda claiming credit. Oh, neither the Shrubbery nor the Pope were involved. There are still countries that can make life miserable for their citizens without outside help.

September 19, 2006   Comments Off on In Other News

Avast Ye Lubbers

Jolly Roger

It’ll be double rations of grog all around in the galley as ye throw the pasta and pesto down your gullet for the final day of Pasta Week, on Talk Like a Pirate Day.
Belay that! ‘T’would be better done by swilling lambrusco directly from the flask!

September 19, 2006   6 Comments