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According to authorities, in the United States today is the first day of the ninth month, Ramadan, in the Islamic calendar. The Islamic calendar is a lunar-based, rather than solar-based system and is tied to sightings at your particular location, so it doesn’t always coincide with the same solar day world-wide.

This is a brief description of the month of fasting and the reasons for it, with more details and links at Wikipedia.

Unfortunately, in recent years, Ramadan has signified an increase in violence in the Middle East.

September 23, 2006   Comments Off on Ramadan

And The Elephant They Rode In On

The United States does not torture people. It’s written right in the Constitution. McCain, Warner, and Graham were afforded the opportunity to uphold traditional American values and they failed miserably. They have agreed to pass a bill that institutionalizes torture in the American government and moves us further along the path to a unilateral executive, also known as a dictatorship.

Billmon has a picture of one of the “terrorists” that supposedly make these measures “necessary.”

Glenn Greenwald has the links to his post at Salon detailing some the legal chicanery in the “compromise.”

Avedon Carol links to other analysis.

Lurch notes that others have seen his point about the real purpose of the bill being to keep the Shrubbery and company out of prison.

Michael and Steve Bates are beside themselves with anger.

Kevin issues a “call to arms” to stop this obscenity.

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September 23, 2006   5 Comments