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I written about Generalissimo Aleksandr Suvorov before, as the greatest nearly unknown military commander in the world. Perhaps because he served during the reign of Ekatrina the Great, who was an overpowering presence, and her son, Pavel, who is best forgotten, only specialists are aware of his existence.

While Suvorov was never defeated in over six dozen major battles, the action for which he is most noted is the 1799 strategic retreat over the Alps. Understand that his ability to save his army from a battle he could not win after the Emperor of Austria withdrew the majority of his forces is considered his greatest feat. There is a monument to this feat in the Swiss Alps.

The reason I bring this up is that a strategic retreat is the most difficult military maneuver there is. The possibility of the retreat becoming an undisciplined rout with the army disappearing in a fog of fear sits right under the surface. The troops know they cannot possibly win, or they would be attacking, so every step is a step closer to safety.

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Higher Math

Minou of French Tidbits has found the formula for success in her IN box.

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She’s having a birthday, happy birthday to her…

Today is Elaynes Riggs’ 49th birthday, so head over to Pen-Elayne on the Web and wish her a happy one. It’s tough having a birthday within a month of the winter solstice as there is already overload.

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