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Gone Phishing

This is really annoying. It costs some people money, but it just wastes my time and ‘Net bandwidth.

I use a separate program for e-mail, Pegasus, and it doesn’t launch anything or display fancy formatting, because I don’t want it to. What is does with my e-mail is save it as text, and I read it as text.

I few minutes ago I checked by e-mail and received this:

Caro membro Banca Di Roma,

Una nuova gamma completa di servizi online e adesso disponibile !

Per poter usufruire dei nuovi servizi online Banca Di Roma occorre prima diventare UTENTE VERIFICATO.

Followed by this link:

<a onclick=”return top.js.OpenExtLink(window,event,this)” target=”_blank” href=”http://sccontracting.net/www.bancadiroma.it/site/”> https://www.bancaroma.it<WBR>/</a>

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July 19, 2007   9 Comments

Just Trying To Be Helpful (part 2)

Pierre Tristam reports on the important items being dealt with by the Flagler County Board of Education. With all of the pressures that schools are under these days from “No Child Left Behind,” the changes in the tax laws, the inconsistent funding from the state of Florida, the requirements of the Florida Comprehensive Achievement Test, the A-Plus Schools program, and all of the rest, it is nice to see that these people have focused in on the real problem in their school – what students wear.

They have decided that students in Flagler County need to wear uniforms. Now I can understand that, I spent twenty years in uniforms, so I thought I’d help them out. See, the thing about uniforms is that they really need to be uniform – you can’t have uniformity if the girls wear one thing and the boys another.

After due consideration I have two suggestions:

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July 19, 2007   3 Comments

Just Trying To Be Helpful

Knowing that Louisiana Senator Vitter will need to have a “resurrection” tour to make amends with his constituents, I thought I’d find him an appropriate theme song.

Maybe his wife could find him an autographed picture of Lorena Bobbitt for his office.

July 19, 2007   5 Comments