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Let The Bloodbath Begin

Pat Rice on the Local Puppy Trainer heard rumors that Charlie Crist might be gay and is quick to add a variation of “not that there’s anything wrong with that”.

The Pensacola New Journal notes that Fierce 2010 races shaping up in Florida

Marian Johnson, vice president for political strategies for the Florida Chamber of Commerce, said the demographic trends are friendlier for the Democrats. The party always outnumbered the GOP but with the surge in voter registration last year, she said, more new voters signed up as independents and no party voters than as Republicans.

“One of the problems for the Republicans is the voter who is registering is typically a young woman and they’re very interested in what’s going on,” said Johnson. “They are paying attention now.”

Yes, folks, Florida has always been a majority Democratic state, but the national party for years has siphoned off all of the political money, and a backlash against incumbents led to a redistricting that gave two-thirds of the state and Federal legislative offices to the Republicans.

The Miami Herald notes that a Republican backlash brews

TALLAHASSEE — A Republican backlash is brewing against the state and national party as they anoint Gov. Charlie Crist’s U.S. Senate campaign — thereby dissing that of his rival, former state House Speaker Marco Rubio.

From South Florida to Tampa Bay, a few county Republican parties are discussing or passing resolutions telling the state party to butt out of the Senate race or any other primary.

If the state party presses forward, Crist’s election could be rockier than expected and his hand-picked Republican Party of Florida chairman, Jim Greer, could find it tougher to hold on to power.

Anyone want to guess why Charlie Crist’s sexual orientation is suddenly on the front burner?  [BTW, the senior office holder of a party normally gets to “hand-pick” the party chair in Florida.]

Invest in Florida popcorn futures, times are about to get interesting for the Florida GOP.

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