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Why Didn’t I Think Of That?

funny pictures of cats with captions


1 Badtux { 10.07.09 at 2:02 am }

I don’t know about chain mail, but I definitely considered my armored motorcycle riding gear. It’s made of super-strong materials intended to keep you from getting road rash if you skid down the road on your side for a few hundred yards, probably as strong as chain mail though lighter. In the end though I gave up on the idea of giving Mencken a bath altogether, deciding a dirty cat (he’s not *supposed* to be off-white, he’s supposed to be white except for the gray areas!) was preferable to a perforated penguin. I just did not trust chain mail (or my riding gear) to be strong enough to deal with an irate Mencken :).

2 Steve Bates { 10.07.09 at 10:09 am }

Apart from “incidents,” cats are IMHO largely self-cleaning… how clean varies with the individual cat, of course, but many of them are really diligent about it. It’s those incidents in which they get so dirty that you have allegedly no choice but to bathe them that lead to a quite literally painful choice for Kitty’s human (or penguin). Not having any motorcycling gear (and my old bicycling gear is no help at all, of course), I usually have opted for putting up with a dirty cat.
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3 Bryan { 10.07.09 at 12:28 pm }

Old Levis, as produced in San Francisco in the real, heavy weight, shrinking denim work, but I rigged a 5-gallon paint bucket with a hole for her head in the top and a couple of tubing nipples to wash Koshka. She had a flea allergy in the days before the “spot” flea treatments, and the baths were a requirement for a couple of years.

I tried to get my Mother’s pet groomer to do it, but his flat statement was “no way in hell was that cat to ever enter his shop after one attempt.” He was ex-Special Ops, you would have thought he would have enjoyed the challenge.

Actually you can get a modern version from a dive shop for shark diving.

4 Badtux { 10.07.09 at 2:14 pm }

Hmm, if it’ll stop a shark, it might stop an irate kitteh who wants absolutely nothing to do with that evil “water” stuff. Maybe. I’m not too interested in trying it to see :).
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