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So, dumping all of the tax gimmicks that make it possible for millionaires to pay at a lower rate than the median household income is ‘class war’. This is a minor response to the massive income transfer that has been going on for decades.

The excuse for a separate capital gains schedule was to encourage investment, but that hasn’t happened. The extra money is dumped into T-bills and other tax-free investments, not into the economy of the US. When stocks are held for seconds, it isn’t an investment, it is gambling. Income should be treated as income, regardless of the source. That will certainly simplify the tax code.

The more pressing problem today, based on the number of people posting, is the decision of Netflix to separate its DVD and streaming services into two distinct systems. From a management standpoint it makes a lot of sense, because they are two distinct services with individual requirements. Of course it means that my Mother’s bill go down because she isn’t paying for something that she doesn’t use, so I’m not totally uninterested.

The reasoning is simple, currently you look for a movie, and until you find it, you don’t know if it available for streaming and/or DVD. With separate systems, if you are looking for something to stream, you search the site for streaming. Frankly, if you need streaming and DVDs, you spend too much time watching TV and need to get a life. Both services combined are still cheaper that HBO was when I had cable back in the 1980s.

September 19, 2011   4 Comments

Avast Ye Lubbers


It’ll be double rations of grog all around in the galley as ye throw the pasta and pesto down your gullet for the final day of Pasta Week, on Talk Like a Pirate Day.
Belay that! ‘T’would be better done by swilling lambrusco directly from the flask!

Update: In celebration of the day, the Pirate Party of Germany has won 15 seats in the Berlin parliament!

September 19, 2011   4 Comments