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So, Duncan is celebrating his tenth blogiversary at Eschaton by counting down to the worst wanker of the decade.

John Mckay celebrated his ninth at archy with just a passing mention, as did Jams O’Donnell at Poor Mouth for his sixth.

Moi at Bloggg decided to shut up shop and move on to other things.

We are told that blogs are over, but I doubt that, mainly because everything that is supposed to replace them keeps coming and going. The problem is the urge to change things and make them ‘better, faster, cheaper’, which is great initially. Unfortunately, people don’t know when they have hit the optimal point for utility and tend to change for the sake of change.

Jerry Pournelle who has been writing about computers since the days of CP/M has a useful standard for things – Good Enough. This means that something makes things better. It isn’t perfect, but it is useful and worth having. Too many things that were Good Enough have become a PITA through ‘improvements’. [Did you know that Blogger is going to version 3? I’m at my current location because of what they did to me in the change to version 2.]

Oh, well, back to sniffling and sneezing…

April 7, 2012   18 Comments