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2012 June 02 — Why Now?
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More On Voting

It must be the heat because for the second time in a few weeks the editors of the Libertoonian Local Puppy Trainer have published an editorial that agrees with me. This one is on the changes in Florida’s election laws. [This is getting creepy.]

In another case of the headline not matching the story, the Miami Herald published Investigation of two non-citizen voters may bolster Scott’s fight with feds which contains this information:

On Friday, county elections supervisors showed so little faith in the state-led purge that their state association said they shouldn’t cooperate. The announcement came just hours after the U.S. Justice Department ordered Florida to stop its effort citing two federal voting-rights laws, partly because the purge could disproportionately affect minorities.

The 13 total noncitizen voters identified so far on the Miami-Dade rolls are minuscule compared to the 492 people identified as citizens and, therefore, lawful voters.

Of the more than 1,600 potential noncitizens in Miami-Dade; about 65 percent have cast ballots. About 72 percent have cast ballots of the 262 identified in Broward.

In all, the Florida Division of Elections has identified nearly 2,700 voters who may not be eligible to vote because they are not U.S. citizens. But, supervisors say, the vast majority found have turned out to be citizens.

Excuse me, but how does a purge of 1600 voters, of which only 13 have been determined to actually be non-citizens justify what the Fraudster-in-Chief did? The Federal case is bolstered by this information, not Scott’s.

This is just like his waste of tax dollars on the drug testing program that showed that poor people can’t afford to buy drugs. The thinking that resulted in that give away to drug testing companies, was based on personal prejudice towards the people at the bottom of the economic scale, the ‘everyone knows that they’re poor because they are junkies’ excuse for not caring about them.

As a Florida tax-payer I’m sick and tired of watching public money wasted for programs based on Republican mythology.

June 2, 2012   4 Comments