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Cue Santayana

Is there a law somewhere that mandates that every 10 years the US needs to do something incredibly stupid that involves killing people for no good reason?

Via Digby you head over to Slate to see a graphic of the relationship of Syria to other power centers in the Middle East and the US.

That chart is based on a letter to editor in the Financial Times.

The Egyptian blogger, The Big Pharaoh, has a more complex version.

The simple version that even this administration should understand is that the choices are Assad and Iran, or al Qaeda. The actual Syrian opposition that started the protests against the Assad regime has been overtaken by foreign militant fundamentalists.

The only thing that cruise missiles are going to do is kill more Syrians, none of whom want to die, and many of whom just want to stay out of the current war in their country.

No one has put forth a single good reason why the US should get involved in Syria. If European nations want to get involved, let them explain that decision to their people.

Bombing a country is an act of war. If this administration wants to go to war with Syria, get a declaration of war from Congress.

August 27, 2013   2 Comments

Another Media Outlet Goes To Work

Via Marcy Wheeler, an NBC report system security at NSA.

If you are one of the 1000 system administrators, most of whom seem to be contractors, you don’t need to hack anything, because you aren’t tracked. The sysadmins can use other people’s accounts, and have access to everything on the network.

I have better security on my home wireless network. The people at the top need to be fired over this. This is rank incompetence.

August 27, 2013   8 Comments