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Hurricane Break

Leslie finished a three week run beating up Portugal and the only thing stirring is an ‘area of interest’ in the Caribbean with a 20% chance of becoming a contender. I am mostly done with major work on the apartments and trying to get my house in order, so I Just Dropped In to see what has been going on.

I have been told by talking heads that Trump doesn’t want to seem like he’s ignoring the problems created by Hurricane Michael. Yeah, right, that’s why he is holding campaign rallies and playing golf while search teams and cadaver dogs are scrambling through debris on a corridor of destruction from the Gulf to the Atlantic. Ms Streisand has it right: Don’t Lie To Me.

When I was out shopping on Thursday and Friday I saw people loading up bottled water, 5 gallon gas cans, generators, and canned food in major quantities. Some were ‘church ladies’; others were deputies from Bay and Gulf counties. It was Friday afternoon that an alert went out that a center for food and distribution had opened at a middle school in Panama City. The Gulf Coast State College radio station (WKGC) is the only broadcast media facility still on the air in Panama City.

Where is FEMA? Where is the plan? These are Republican voters who just got smashed. When we got nailed by Ivan in 2004, the Shrubbery sent everything the government had to help out just before the election. WTF?!

SNAFU – which is why: I’m Not Ready To Make Nice… 😈

October 14, 2018   7 Comments