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The Military Is Taking Notice

It was very unusual when Lt. General Mark Hertling (US Army ret.) wrote an op-ed on CNN, A soldier’s view on Trump, that blistered then candidate Trump for his view of the military. Trump assumed that the military was loyal to the President and would follow all orders. The military takes an oath to the Constitution, and every member is personally accountable if they follow any illegal orders.

Retired flag officers [generals and admirals] are known for avoiding politics unless they are running for office. Trump’s multiple attacks on the Constitution are forcing a number of retired officers to speak out. That trend escalated after Trump attacked Admiral William McRaven. In addition to Lt. General Hertling, who called Trump’s remarks disgusting, General Stanley McChrystal (US Army ret.) essentially says that Trump doesn’t know how to lead.

The the civilian leaders of the national security elements involved in the bin Laden raid had their say: Former top intel officials hit back at Trump after criticism of bin Laden raid

Responses to Trump’s comments about retired Admiral Bill McRaven, who has criticized the president’s attacks on the press, poured in Monday from former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former CIA Director John Brennan and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, who said Trump should apologize.

Trump doesn’t really like or understand anyone. He has no empathy for the rest of humanity. He has not improved the life of the active duty military or veterans.

November 19, 2018   2 Comments