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Still Busy

That final lawnmower has been put on a back burner as I have been working on a computer problem for a friend. It is an intermittent disconnect from the Internet. I finally told him to take the modem and router back to the cable company and get new ones. That seems to have solved the problem. I own my modem and router and have not been experiencing any problems. Not paying the monthly equipment rental fee has covered the cost of the equipment years ago.

I have finally received all of the bits and pieces required to finish rebuilding my big box and will probably be “smoke testing” my efforts in the next couple of days, if the tenants don’t break anything.

I have also gathered the parts necessary to work on the kitchen faucet, so I will be trying not to flood the kitchen later in the week.

Oh, I managed to reattach a trim piece on the car that was knocked off by the tree. I used stainless steel screws instead of black duct tape, which was the consensus solution among the tenants.

I have put up the Tropical Weather sites on the side bar because the National Hurricane Center is coming on line before the official start of the Hurricane Season on June 1st. Tropical Storm Andres formed today off the Pacific Coast of Mexico and the Atlantic season could start at any time.

May 9, 2021   20 Comments