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Picky, Picky

Because everyone else is doing it:

Because of two “cocaines” and one “crap” – pretty high bar.


1 Steve Bates { 06.20.07 at 2:26 pm }

“Crap” can be legally said on the air in primetime. And the counting of “cocaine” is another example of why rating sites based on word counts is utter folly.

What if one wrote a daily post exhorting kids never, ever to try cocaine, explaining its dangers, etc.? It’s like library web filters that block sites with the word “breast,” thereby preventing adult women from researching breast cancer. Mechanical filters have their uses, but rating a site based on what an algorithm happens to spit out for a given set of words is just folly.

I hereby rate my own site FUBAR.

2 Bryan { 06.20.07 at 2:31 pm }

Given that the cocaine references were in a post about someone being arrested for same, the process is a bit whacked.

I would rate my site REALITY in a polite Southern atmosphere.

3 Cookie Jill { 06.20.07 at 3:39 pm }

You’re in good marquee company! 😉

4 jams o donnell { 06.20.07 at 4:55 pm }

I get an NC17 for the Poor Mouth – it counted 11 incidences of the word gay. It utterly missed the entry XXX hardcore porn though (the one with photos of two lily beetles having it off!)

5 Bryan { 06.20.07 at 5:32 pm }

I’m really not doing my part as a “rabid lamb” and nasty liberal.

It’s a strange disconnect in the US, Jams, sex only counts when it involves humans. Apparently it’s natural for all other species, but not for humans. No idea how they think we got here.

6 The Culture Ghost { 06.20.07 at 5:57 pm }

I was shocked and somewhat dismayed to also earn a “PG-13.” You would think with my vile attitude and tendency to vent I would at least earn an “NC-17.” Something to do with death earned me the “PG-13.”

7 Bryan { 06.20.07 at 7:21 pm }

I don’t think they take into consideration your art, CG, which gets pretty “NC” when it comes to sandwiches.

8 Anya { 06.20.07 at 8:58 pm }

I must be doing something wrong. With 3 instances of dead, I still got a “G” rating. Maybe it’s the picture of cute kittens.

9 hipparchia { 06.20.07 at 9:43 pm }

cute kittens didn’t save [sink?] me. nc-17. wow, a black box, no less. is this meant to match my slinky little black dress, or the black box warning on my medication?

also, i tried one of my favorite sites, sex in the public square. despite the fact that it mentions sex 70 times, it’s only nc-17 too.

10 oldwhitelady { 06.20.07 at 10:02 pm }

Ha ha ha ha… mine got the same. Only I had 3 craps and 1 dangerous.

11 Bryan { 06.20.07 at 10:54 pm }

OWL, confirmed a suspicion, Аня, that “crap” was the more heavily weighted word.

Hipparchia, NC-17 is the new X. As near as I can tell, you have to request an X to get the rating.

OWL, it the fiction and animal blogging that keeps you from a G.

12 BadTux { 06.21.07 at 12:48 am }

Cool! My post entitled “War Porn” got me a NC-17! Nevermind that it was a post *decrying* porn (at least porn of a certain type)…

I do agree, however, that my blog is definitely at *least* PG.

– Badtux the Porny Penguin

13 whig { 06.21.07 at 1:20 am }

Oh, too cool! Cannablog gets a PG rating!

14 Some material may not be suitable for children « cannablog { 06.21.07 at 1:29 am }

[…] Bryan @ Why Now? This entry was written by whig and posted on June 20, 2007 at 11:28 pm and filed under […]

15 fallenmonk { 06.21.07 at 8:32 am }

I am obviously an utter failure as a blogger as I only rate a PG-13 as well and that for Crap (1x). I am pretty sure I have used more colorful language than that. Oh well seems I am in good company.

16 Michael { 06.21.07 at 10:33 am }

Heh. I got a PG rating for one use of the word “torture.” That is just plain fucked up.

17 Bryan { 06.21.07 at 1:45 pm }

The system obviously makes no differentiation between the words of the blogger and quotes.

So, BadTux, you are NC-17 for opposing NC-17 material. That is a common reaction by the MSM. Some things just shouldn’t be talked about.

Whig, I think they are missing the point of your site and its name.

It was probably the gardening and food segments, Fallenmonk.

I don’t think they check comments, Michael, only the current front page.

18 ellroon { 06.21.07 at 11:52 pm }

NC-17 for talking about:

bomb (6x)

sex (5x)

gay (4x)

gun (3x)

crap (2x)

rape (1x)

I can’t talk about bombs? That’s a bunch of crap!

19 Bryan { 06.22.07 at 9:32 am }

Sex and violence, Ellroon, got to save the kiddies from sex and violence.