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1 shirt { 01.24.19 at 9:35 am }

The Quacks were overlooked!

2 Bryan { 01.24.19 at 11:21 am }

Some would say they are a parasitic particle of morons. 😉

3 hipparchia { 01.25.19 at 7:18 pm }


also, was that one of your shots of the blood red wolf moon in the header I saw just now?

4 Bryan { 01.25.19 at 10:10 pm }

That’s from years ago when the moon was lower in the sky, it was warm outside and there was less light pollution.

This time it was directly overhead and the trees interfered.

5 hipparchia { 01.26.19 at 9:15 pm }

ah, well.

I’m adding this one to my list of favorite lolcats. it ranks right up there with fell into the see of galilee (did I misspell that correctly?) 😈

also, quacks and parasitic particles of morons. thanks, both of you!

6 Bryan { 01.26.19 at 10:15 pm }

It is sea not see 🙂

You are very welcome….