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Mango the Bore on Fire Protection — Why Now?
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Mango the Bore on Fire Protection

Just like last year the Resident is displaying his ignorance about wildfires: Trump threatens to pull federal aid funds because California has a Democratic governor.

As I wrote in November of 2018:

For those, like Trump, who don’t know and are too lazy to look it up, the state of California owns 3% of the forests in the state, private companies and individuals own 40%, and the Federal government owns 57%. If the wild fires in California were caused by mismanagement of the forest it would be a Private/Federal problem. The reality is that these are brush fires, not forest fires, and they are caused by the Santa Ana winds which are getting worse because of climate change. All it takes is a spark of any kind with 50+ MPH winds, temperatures in the 90s, and humidity in single digits for a major disaster.

Trump thinks he’s a world traveler because he has seen the inside of aircraft, limousines, hotels, and resorts at various locations. Golf courses are as close as he gets to “nature”, with Camp David as the most natural location he has ever stayed.