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My county mailed me my absentee ballot on 09/24/2020 as First Class Pre-sorted election material and I didn’t get it until 09/30/2020. Understand that it was given to the post office already barcoded and in carrier route order in trays, but it took a week to get here.

I immediately filled it out and then put it in the mail yesterday morning at the main post office in town. I will check on the Supervisor of Elections web site to see when it is received. The envelope was pre-addressed and barcoded and marked as election material. With a month to go I have high hopes that it will reach the election office prior to November 3rd.


1 Shirt { 10.02.20 at 9:56 am }

On 10/5, Monday, The state of California will mail out ballots to the masses, me amongst them. Like you. I will fill it up as fast as I can review the Judgeships and the propositions.
But I will not mail it. I’ll return it to the county drop box located in City Hall.

The breaking news Trump has CV now:
Did his white house team fake this to get out of more catastrophic debates or
did they fake it to stop his plague-rat rallies
or is it fake news.

But this will do one thing: it will let his base know Covid is real and not something the CDC dreamt up.

2 Bryan { 10.02.20 at 1:32 pm }

He should be immediately injected with Clorox 👿

I would use the drop box, except it is in a more crowded location than my polling place, inside a building with the tax collector and other county offices. I can track it on line and if it hasn’t shown up by Nov 3 I’ll go to the polls.

3 Kryten42 { 10.04.20 at 11:31 pm }

I’d go with the Russian favorite Tea additive, just to be certain!

Here’s a couple of twitter items for you. First, Georgia rigging the runoff election for two Senators, again via Jennifer Cohn:

Jenny has been trying to get people to stop the absolute and obvious corrupt voting practices in Georgia for a long time. Sadly, to no avail. Basically, whilst there are many involved, non-RWNJ Americans can pretty much blame Georgia and GOP arse-kissing Diebold for the past 2+ decades of corruption, dysfunction and their loss of any rights they may have had.🤷‍♂️

Second: Wonkette regarding Rachel Maddow’s really weird statement regarding Dotard I totally disagree with (as does Stephen at Wonkette)!


Bah, humbug! 👎

4 Bryan { 10.05.20 at 7:15 pm }

I do onto others as they do onto others. Trump made fun of Hillary Clinton when she caught pneumonia during the 2016 election. Clinton didn’t tell people to ignore pneumonia and she wasn’t in charge of a response to pneumonia, like Trump vis-à-vis COVID. Trump screwed up the response to the pandemic while he was fully aware of the danger it posed. He got it because he wouldn’t follow the basic rules for staying safe.

On Twitter Nguyen Phuong Linh wrote “There are now more recorded cases of COVID-19 in the White House than in New Zealand, Taiwan, and Vietnam combined.”

Three more today, his press secretary and two of her assistants. It’s called KARMA. He is reaping what he has sown and should pay for the 210,000 Americans that have died because he didn’t act.

Georgia is always rigging the elections, The Republicans can no longer win a fair election, so they cheat like hell. They act like installing a patch to their election equipment a month before the election with no time to test it isn’t going to be problem.

No, Kryten, we must limit our action to the stupid crap Trump has advocated, like sticking a UV-C light source up your butt or into your lungs.

Based on the drugs he has been given, especially the monoclonal “cocktale” which required special permission because it isn’t approved, and heavy dose of steroids, the doctors believe he’s sicker than they admit.

5 Anya { 10.06.20 at 8:07 pm }

I was given that particular steroid as a pre-med before each of my chemo sessions to reduce pain (there was none) and to keep my appetite up. It gave me the strength and will to completely reorganize my bedroom closet.

Too bad it won’t help Donald get his own shit organized….

6 Bryan { 10.06.20 at 10:16 pm }

Mom’s asthma and my COPD were/are treated with steroids. If I get the sniffles my doctor gives me a prednisone pac and antibiotics. The steroid helps with the inflammation in your lungs and throughout your body, but when it ends all of the little aches and pains that went away are back with a vengeance. I’m sure you didn’t get the baseball outfielder and home-run hitter dose that Trump is on. It’s use is for people with COVID pneumonia, not a “mild case” that his doctor keeps claiming. When I start breathing through my mouth like he did on that balcony I take a hit from my albuterol inhaler.

Trump’s biggest problem is testosterone poisoning…

7 Kryten42 { 10.08.20 at 3:06 am }

Hiya Anya…👋 I truly hope you are felling better day by day. I watched Mom go through Chemo with lung cancer, twice. they gave her steroids also, but I don’t know what they were.

Agree Bryan. Yes, I saw that quote on twitter, it was retweeted often. After the Pence/Harris debate, people are wondering about Pence, because of his eyes and he looks older (but they could also be caused by issues other than COVID-19.) So I didn’t join in on that speculation. No point. Time will tell. same regarding Barr and others. Though, it seems many are declaring the fly the debate winner. 😆 The Biden Campaign have already launched a campaign fly swatter!

There was a (thankfully) short tweet a couple days ago from The Coultergeist making a comment regarding Trump (arising from it’s tomb which thankfully has been rare)!

This is something I didn’t see coming! And you know how I feel about Carly Fiorina!


A bit late though, maybe. But she is an opportunist. 🤷‍♂️

Our Scummo is loosing his grip more and more. Revealing his Narcissistic personally more lately. I replied in comments to this:

8 Anya { 10.08.20 at 10:40 am }

OT to Kryten:

I’m feeling much better, thanks. 🙂 I had been dealing with cancer for two years, first endometrial cancer (easy-peasy; one surgery and your done) and shortly thereafter, breast cancer (not so easy…..)

I think the worst part of the whole ordeal was the chemo for the breast cancer, but I had the option to end the treatment early as it almost killed me. The treatments, themselves, were, dare I say, wonderful. The after effects, not so much.

I stopped the treatments about this time last year, and it’s taken me all this time to fully recover. However, I have been declared cancer-free.

I intend to keep it that way. 😀

9 Kryten42 { 10.08.20 at 11:22 am }

I am VERY happy to hear that Anya! 🤗

A friend I’ve known about 30 years was diagnosed with breast cancer, about three years after mom died (2017). It was very difficult, but I couldn’t just do nothing. I got in touch with our Anti-Cancer Council (a non-profit foundation that helps people with Cancer and helps fund research with drives & donations). She had three remissions over the next 8 years, but made it through. she was a pharmacist in a hospital, so understood better than most.

It took her some time to truly recover also. Now she helps others as much as she can. 😀

I sincerely wish you well and a long life!👍🤗

10 Bryan { 10.08.20 at 11:15 pm }

Bill’s wife had pancreatic cancer and had chemo and radiation to shrink her tumor to the point they could safely operate, and then more chemo. She has been cancer free since, which is amazing given the survival rate for that cancer, but trying to get her to eat was the biggest problem Bill had, and eventually he called for help from one of her sister’s. Now she could get cannabis, but it wasn’t an option when she went through it.

My Dad had lung cancer and refused treatment. Of course, high altitude bombing missions in World War II and Korea, working with nuclear warheads, and smoking 2+ packs a day made it rather inevitable. He knew people who went through what you’ve gone though and decided that wasn’t how he wanted to live out the rest of his time.

It’s good to hear that you completed the process and it is working.

Actually, Carly announced for Biden months ago on Fox, so inviting her back is more than a little weird. Several Republicans are making moves to distance themselves from Trump, but it’s too little too late. They are going be fired on November 3rd..

I read somewhere that Trump had a financial stake in Regeneron, the maker of the experimental monoclonal cocktail Trump was given, so Trump was out on the South Lawn of the White House recommending it as a cure. I was waiting for that infamous Ron Popeil line “Wait there’s more!” when hustling kitchen gadgets on TV. Actually closer to another New Yorker Crazy Eddie who staged entertaining ads while defrauding investors in his electronics stores.

Scomo looks like he’s about to have a stroke. He needs some blood pressure meds and Xanax. He should retire while he can enjoy it because he looks very bad. I worked with cops who looked like that and only lasted 5 years on retirement if they made it that far.

11 Kryten42 { 10.09.20 at 9:32 am }

Cancer is a growing Global problem. And made more difficult because most people really don’t want to hear or believe all of the things they might have to give up or start doing to avoid or reduce the risk.

Mom was at the mercy of a typical LNP Federal Government that decided that women only needed to have a breast cancer X-ray every two years, not annually. If she had had an X-ray a year sooner, they would have caught it in the very early stages and she had a better chance of fighting it. The Anti-Cancer Council used Mom (with permission) to get that changed in the next election. It’s too bad that all the families of women who died who may not have couldn’t sue the collective arses off the Misogynist greedy morons. It was a woman who was Health Minister then BTW.

I thought I’d heard Fiorina had backed Biden earlier, but I wasn’t sure. I still do not like her at all! She would only back Biden because she stands to gain something from it. However, maybe the rest of the greedy wealthy will realize the same. I’d be amazed if many of them still think Trump is going to make them wealthier! But… having $$$ doesn’t make one smart. Fiorina proved that. 🤷‍♂️

This one might make you feel a little better about FL. A video made by a lifelong Republican in FL is voting for Biden. His reasons are very interesting.

Yes, dotard does have a stake in Regeneron. He’s been called out for that.

I hope Scummo and a few others do have a stroke. The sooner, the better. Not that I think ALP under Albo will be a whole lot better, he’s a real “middle of the road” type fence sitter! I hope he gets a severe case of splinters!

12 Kryten42 { 10.09.20 at 9:41 am }

Oh drat! I meant to add this one too… Good for a laugh if nothing else! 😉 😀

Donald Trump’s declassification tweet just blew up in his face – and now a federal judge is on the case

13 Bryan { 10.09.20 at 11:01 pm }

People are living longer in a more polluted world which allows for the wider spread of cancers. People used die earlier from other problems and cancers didn’t have a chance to develop. The life expectancy of Americans is dropping from pollution and climate change even as we conquer more and more diseases.

Democrats have always been better for the economy than Republicans, that’s why the wealthy are dumping Trump. Cutting taxes is all well and good, but an expanding economy is better. Trump started with a lot of money but threw it away on bad investments. Any fool can inherit money, but you have to be somewhat smart to create your own wealth.

Politicians don’t want to take chances anymore. They are convinced that the safest path to longevity is mediocrity.

Unintended consequences are strong with Trump. The unredacted Muller report will definitely not help Trump’s reelection campaign.

14 Kryten42 { 10.15.20 at 3:51 am }

Agree about the pollution and pesticides & other man-made pollutants killing us. And you know what I think of dotard/GOP.

These are no longer Politicians, and most certainly not Statesmen! and diplomacy is dead and buried.

I have had a really crappy week (so far)! But this tweet from Bill Kristol made me smile and shake my head. 🤦‍♂️

This comment made me think of you and imagining you sighing and shaking your head ( I do not want to know if it doesn’t!) 😉


I hope everyone here is well and staying safe. We have along way to go yet!

15 Bryan { 10.15.20 at 7:27 pm }

The first thing you check is the meta data. The GRU & SVR know that so it probably traces back to a junior assistant Republican Ratf*cking apprentice like Wohl or another “Young Republican” who took an intro computer science course freshman year. The Trumpniks are such jerks that no one competent wants to work for them. If you don’t pay people on time what you promised them, you can’t be sure they aren’t depending on other sources of income to screw you over. These people want things they believe to be true so badly that they don’t do any fact checking.

We need to institute the death penalty for obscene levels of stupid with a college degree.