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While I’ve been dealing with some weather [including a tree falling on my car]; the insane laws being passed in this state; and the dull and boring bits required to continue life [buying and preparing food, cleaning the house, caring for the cats, etc.]; I’ve been required to repair lawn mowers and my main computer.

I’m not a small engine mechanic, but I know how to find parts and YouTube videos that show you how to fix them [normally, get a new carburetor, fuel line, fuel & air filters, spark plug, and change the oil]. Basically – I have the tools and I can rebuild them….

I was adding memory to my big box, and that went so smoothly I decided to install an SSD as the Boot drive for Windows. After installing the the SSD the system couldn’t see either of the two hard drives. So, I have the new motherboard and the updated memory, and am waiting for the AMD Ryzen 5 3400G to be delivered. I can’t really complain as the machine lasted 9 years.

If I get the last lawn mower up and running, and the computer back together, I finally have all of the bits and pieces to replace the kitchen and bathroom faucets. I’ve had the faucets for months, but designing the transition from the existing plumbing to new faucets took some research.

Meanwhile we have put a helicopter on Mars that is zipping around. In a related vein: Billionaire Elon Musk has offered inventors $US100 million ($129 million) on Earth Day to fight global warming by developing carbon dioxide removal technology for the “largest incentive prize in history”. I think he needs to look at the NASA Mars program: MOXIE device aboard Perseverance rover uses electrolysis to produce oxygen from CO2. It has been a few years [OK, decades] since my last Chemistry course, but if the oxygen is taken away from carbon dioxide, you are left with carbon. If you scale up MOXIE, you can supply hospitals with oxygen and provide carbon for carbon fiber, graphene, and other uses.


1 hipparchia { 04.29.21 at 9:55 pm }

so, both the car and the tree lost that round of rock-paper-scissors 😈

yeah, the weather has been a bit scarier than usual here, and every little storm that passes through leaves another round of giant, rotted-out oak trees cut up and sitting out at the curb. i figure it’s only a matter of time before one of them lands on my car and i just hope i’m not there when it happens.

when i first moved here, after spending my childhood in various parts of the southwest, i didn’t like being closed in by all the trees. eventually i grew to love them, especially the old, ginormous, twisted and gnarly oaks, but i tell ya, this spring i’ve come to look on my old friends the trees with a jaundiced eye again.

2 hipparchia { 04.29.21 at 10:07 pm }

i’d rather park my car under a tree than think about the florida legislature. or the florida governor.

as for the new congressional district we’re going to get… i was secretly hoping that trump’s anti-everybody census would undercount our residents enough that we’d lose a few of those, and maybe choke off (a bit) our pipeline of sending idiots to washington.

3 Bryan { 04.30.21 at 9:26 pm }

This is the time of the year to look at oaks, especially the big ones and locate large limbs that aren’t turning green with new leaves. If you don’t see new leaves the limb is dead and will snap in a strong wind. After cleaning up the camphor tree that attacked my car, we cut down an oak limb about 10 inches in diameter that had no leaves and was hanging over the driveway. There were smaller limbs in the 2 to 3 inch range on my roof that had snapped off during the storms.

The really cut down on AC costs, but they levy their own cost.

We haven’t haven’t had any voting fraud in Florida other than some minor Republican games , but they had to pass new voting restrictions to suck up to Donald of Toad Hall. They have finished for the year, but they do a lot of damage in the 60 days the leg is in session. 😈