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Yukon Quest 2022 — Why Now?
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Yukon Quest 2022

Sled DogIt’s the first Saturday in February which would normally be the start of the Yukon Quest 1000 mile sled dog race, but this year instead of cancelling everything as they did last year, they are running 4 races, two in the Yukon and two in Alaska. The border between the US and Canada is not fully open. They are using the northern course and running a 300 and 100 in the Yukon and a 200 and 550 in Alaska. The reasoning was that if the Covid-19 restrictions were eased they would run the standard races for an even year. There is racing, but it isn’t the real event.

Normally this year would run from Fairbanks to Whitehorse, the easier run as Rosebud/Eagle would be out of the way while teams were fresh. Between disease and climate change the races are going to be forced to change.