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Snark In The Big Easy

The people of The New Orleans Times-Picayune have been doing some great reporting under trying circumstances and I think they are getting really fed up with what others are saying about their city.

Today they dealt with the many reports about what was happening as people waited for help. The fact that the link ends with “2005_09_26.html#bs” and the variation on Mark Twain’s quote shows the effect of blogging: Rumors of deaths greatly exaggerated.

During the period of “rampant lawlessness” there have been four murders confirmed, which is normal for New Orleans without floods or hurricanes. The widely reported attacks are shown to be false or are still unsubstantiated. There were 6 bodies retrieved from the SuperDome and 4 at the Convention Center, all but three are considered “natural causes”. The three are listed as a drug overdose, a suicide, and one possible homicide.

People outside the city were reporting rumors of violence, but the proof isn’t there. No one can find a pilot who reported being fired upon while flying over the city.

I’ve been in a few hurricanes and the electrical arcs caused by rain blowing onto transformers are explosive sounding. When water floods a major building there is apt to be arcing from electrical equipment, which can cause fires. It can sound like gun fire or explosions.

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A Flashback

The New Orleans Times-Picayune has a report, Blanco wants to create hurricane aid program, that shows the presence of James Lee Witt on her team. What she is proposing is essentially what FEMA did after hurricane Opal in 1995 when Witt headed the Agency.

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Life In The Parking Lane

Douglas of Enthalpy has been blogging at the People’s Republic of Seabrook while Jack [Northstar] has been in Virginia. He was down on the Texas Gulf coast and participated in the evacuation.

He has a few observations and questions about the manner in which the authorities conducted the operations.

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Generating Death

In another tragedy, The Beaumont Enterprise reports: Five die in Beaumont apartment. The cause of death is suspected to be carbon monoxide poisoning as the result of using a generator.

Who would push their lawnmower into their living room and start it? Carbon monoxide poisoning is a leading cause of death following hurricanes. Is lighting important enough to die for, because most of the generators sold are not big enough to power a refrigerator or air conditioner?

I have a generator. It is big enough to power both a refrigerator and an 8,000 btu air conditioner. I’m building a pad to put it on and running wiring to separate sockets inside to be used in an emergency.

The booklet that comes with generators details all of the places you shouldn’t put the generator. During the run-up to hurricanes in Florida at every press conference there is a run down on places you shouldn’t put a generator. Nothing seems to work, because people are continuing to die. It’s senseless.

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Steve Is Back Home

That would be his “home” on the Web, Yellow Doggerel Democrat, as opposed to the YDD Annex.

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