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Ellroon of Rants from the Rookery had a two-part post [part one, part two] asking people what [books, movies, music, etc.] influenced their decision to be liberals.

I thought about it a long time and came to the conclusion that conservatives don’t want to do anything. conservatives didn’t want a revolution, they didn’t want to buy Louisiana or Alaska, they didn’t want to settle the West, they didn’t want to build canals, roads. railroads; they wanted to stay as 13 British colonies and have been fighting changes ever since.

If you read American history, there are no great successes for conservatives, and a number of major disasters that could have been ameliorated or avoided if action were taken.

Now I tend to be an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” kind of person, but if something is wrong, you have to correct it. It doesn’t make sense to slough off all of the hard jobs to the people who replace you.

I don’t like paying taxes, but I benefited from the taxes that my parents and grandparents paid, so I have an obligation to the people who follow. Part of what being a country is all about is the continuity of rewards and obligation that tie together the generations. When a generation decides not to do their share, they weaken the ties, and the nation.

I’m a liberal because of the American Revolution – I think it was a good idea.

June 3, 2007   7 Comments

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