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Some Friday Snark

A song parody, GOP Piety Song from Mad Kane, of course.

Juan Cole of Informed Comment: “The Republican candidates are way behind the Dems in internet popularity so far. Imagine losing a race because you did not have enough Facebook friends.”

Kevin Drum Political Animal on cold cash, in which Rep. Don Young [R-AK] get a $40k “campaign contribution” and then adds $91M to a bill to improve roads in Lee County, Florida. Being from Alaska, Rep. Young didn’t have to wrap it in foil and stick it in a freezer.


1 Mad { 06.09.07 at 12:20 am }

Thanks so much for mentioning my latest song parody!

2 Bryan { 06.09.07 at 5:09 pm }

Thank you for writing them. There is a definite shortage of humor these days.