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Is Religion Off-Limits?

There are dueling posts up at Lean Left with KTK asking What is Off-Limits, and Why?, while Kevin started with Romney Faith Fair Game?

This is a problem for the current political climate. There have always been whisper campaigns about the religious views of candidates, beginning with John Adams, but they weren’t in the open, and getting caught was a net negative. Now, people are almost required to explain their religious views to run.

This is not a good development, and is destructive. There is no evidence that religious views make you a more competent person to run the country, and good evidence that pandering to a particular religious point of view is divisive.

I tend to come down on the side that religion can’t be off-limits if the candidate keeps bringing it up to justify her/his policy positions. Traditionally it was off limits, because people didn’t talk about it, or use it as a shield. If a candidate brings it up, they open it up to being questioned.

June 25, 2007   6 Comments

Nice Catch

Dave Johnson of Seeing The Forest notices a logical inconsistency on the Right: if the Media is a liberal conspiracy, why is the Right opposed to the “Fairness Doctrine?”

You would think they would want the time to explain their point of view – a puzzlement?

June 25, 2007   4 Comments

This Day In Wars

Chris Regan of Mass Historia fills you in:

This day in history is usually a good one for fans of war and warlike people. Of course, those “fans” are usually people who have never been involved in a war themselves, apart from the violent struggle to get the remote control away from their wife so that they can return to watching History Channel’s “Hitler Week.”

One side’s humiliating defeat is the other side’s great victory, so someone will be happy.

June 25, 2007   Comments Off on This Day In Wars

Please Do This

If you don’t have an anti-virus program, please get one, and if you don’t have an anti-spyware program, please get one.

If you are using Windows, and don’t have a firewall program, please use the Windows firewall.

The easiest way of generating a denial of service attack is by enlisting the computers of unsuspecting users by infecting them.

Lavasoft as a good, free anti-spyware program, and Grisoft has a free anti-virus program. It won’t cost you any money, but it will help stop these @#$#% jerks from messing up the ‘Net.

June 25, 2007   8 Comments

It’s Over

In an amazing display of sanity, fairness, and common sense, the judge in megabuck missing pants trial has told the plaintiff to pay the legal costs of the defendants, take his pants, and get out of her sight [or something very close].

The only thing missing was a mental health referral that the plaintiff really needs.

June 25, 2007   6 Comments


Is anyone else having a hard time getting to Wikipedia, as in being told it doesn’t exist?

It acts like a DNS problem, but could be anything.

Update: Thanks for the help.  It was my ISP.

June 25, 2007   7 Comments