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“Macho Jacko” Says “Rummy” A Twit

Actually, the headline is: Ret. U.K. Army Head Slams U.S. Iraq Policy

(CBS/AP) The head of the British army during the Iraq invasion described former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s approach as “intellectually bankrupt,” according to comments published Saturday.

Gen. Sir Mike Jackson, who retired in August 2006 as chief of the general staff, said Rumsfeld was “one of those most responsible for the current situation in Iraq,” in excerpts from an autobiography, “Soldier,” that were published by The Daily Telegraph.

He writes that Rumsfeld refused to deploy enough troops following the collapse of Saddam Hussein’s regime to maintain law and order, and rejected the State Department’s plans for post-invasion administration of the country. Jackson is also critical of President Bush for handing control of post-invasion Iraq to the Pentagon. “All the planning carried out by the State Department went to waste,” he writes.

General Sir Michael “Mike” Jackson, GCB, CBE, DSO is such a lovable, peaceable man that he has been called “Macho Jacko”, “Darth Vader”, and “Prince of Darkness” by the tabloids and his troops. He was a very “by the book” officer who started out in Intel and moved on to the Parachute Regiment.