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Obersturmfury Felix [Cat 4]-2

FelixPosition: 14.2 N/78.7 W. [1PM CDT]
Movement: West near 21 mph.
Maximum sustained winds: 145 mph [Cat 4].
Gusts: 195mph
Minimum central pressure: 950 mb.
Hurricane Force Wind Radius: 30 miles.
Tropical Storm Force Wind Radius: 115 miles.

It currently 365 miles East of Cabo Gracias a Dios on the Nicaragua/Honduras border.

The pressure is rising and the winds are dropping. Without shear it is shaking itself into less organization, which may be related to the strengthening ridge to the North suppling steering and the higher forward speed. It is good news to those in its path. It looks set to hit the lightly inhabited Mosquito Coast first.

4PM CDT Still Cat 4, wind down to 135 pressure up to 953mb, still heading West towards Cabo Gracias a Dios.