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Something Totally Different

So we had a minor deluge while I was outside filling cat dishes and I ducked into the carport to wait it out, as they usually don’t last more than 15 minutes. I looked up and saw a large spider in an amazing gold colored web. The spider turned out to be a Golden Silk Orbweaver [Nephila clavipes] and the female I saw was the color of old ivory with black fuzz around the joints of its legs. From the tip of a rear leg to the tip of a front leg was about 4 inches. Even in the rain the web was golden yellow against the white of the carport ceiling.

The male of the species, who I first thought was a juvenile, was a ways off and not nearly as interesting. They eat a lot of flying insects, which is fine by me.


1 hipparchia { 09.04.07 at 1:14 am }

i once had a [more than one?] crablike spiny orb weaver take up residence on my porch. at some point, while i was traveling, my neighbors came over and swept up all the spider webs and killed the spider[s]. i’m sure they meant well, but i hated them for it.

2 Bryan { 09.04.07 at 9:08 pm }

She shifted her web today, but is really making a “killing” insect wise. I have to duck to get into the carport, but it’s fewer flies to deal with.

There was a yellow and black version of the spiny orb weaver around in the Spring in an azalea, that was really a great “paint job” and and a more traditional web.

3 hipparchia { 09.04.07 at 11:54 pm }

photos! we want photos!

4 Bryan { 09.05.07 at 12:05 am }

There are all kinds of photos on the ‘Net and the little male seems to be working up his courage. If it’s sunny I’ll see what I can do.