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Down Time

Beginning on Monday, September 10th, at around 2PM CDT this site will be down for 4 to 8 hours for a scheduled move by my hosting company. Having several unplanned interruptions caused by circumstances beyond their control, Nearly Free Speech is going to shift their operations to a new data center where they will have control.

Steve Bates of Yellow Doggerel Democrat uses the same host.


1 Anya { 09.07.07 at 5:07 pm }

As do I.

2 Bryan { 09.07.07 at 5:30 pm }

That’s right, it slipped my mind, although you haven’t been doing much lately. You will get an e-mail from NSF, if you haven’t already.

If everything goes well, it will be 4 hours, but they are moving back-ups by two separate vehicles at two separate times to guard against problems.

Back up your site on Sunday, in case of problems.

3 Mustang Bobby { 09.08.07 at 10:11 pm }

Good luck. That kind of thing can be traumatic even if everything goes smoothly.

4 Bryan { 09.08.07 at 10:40 pm }

Not nearly as bad as your unplanned machine swap today. At least you live in an area where there are stores and you backed up.

Actually, I don’t use the laptop much because of the absence of stores up here. There is a local shop where I can get parts, but not much chance of getting a machine at a reasonable price.