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Recognizing Greatness

By now everyone knows that the Pentagon has embraced PowerPoint. Apparently Rumsfeld didn’t feel you could have a war if you didn’t have PPT files, and all comments had to be suitable for framing on a slide. That’s why Talking Points Memo has been providing a service to us all by collecting the slides and putting them on the ‘Net.

Among the slides from Petraeus’ testimony is the “Romper Room Special,” number 14 [WTF, it has little stars?! Did he think he was briefing a pre-school?]. A truly amazing effort when, as Think Progress alerts us he had a very busy 17 days In August.

From all of this hard work comes THE CHART. This is one of the greatest charts ever and should only be linked to, not copied. Cleek deserves a massive number of hits for this, but you have to have the “Romper Room Special” in your mind to truly appreciate its greatness.


1 hipparchia { 09.14.07 at 9:02 pm }

that’s an excellent chart [cleek’s]

petraeus, otoh, filled his ppt with a lot of pony by-products.

2 Bryan { 09.14.07 at 9:47 pm }

One of my first clients in SoCal was a PR firm and I did a lot of work with their graphics people speeding up the process of preparing charts using HP plotters, because the colored ink jets weren’t available and they wanted overheads.

Those ladies would have sliced and diced the people who created those charts with their ever present Xacto knives. These people had books on presentations that spoke about color selection, shapes, text usage – I mean they took this stuff seriously because this affected 7 figure contracts with Fortune 500 companies [regional, they weren’t big enough for national campaigns].

I can hear them in my mind – “that isn’t a presentation, that’s a random collection of colored shapes.”